One thing I have learnt from life

I have learnt not to give up. Be strong and have faith in yourself. Don’t let pessimism get to you like it does to me. Worrying is unhealthy. Worrying and not doing anything to stop it is worse. So, give it your best.

That wasn’t a quote for you, but a reminder for myself 🙂

My Randomness


I’ll start randomly, from a dull day. What do I say next? I don’t know! I don’t know what to talk about. I am currently giving my mocks but I don’t really want to talk about how I’ve done so far.

Very recently I realized that I worry too much. I don’t literally do something about my problem, instead I just keep worrying about it. How many of you have ever felt that? Probably, most of you have.

Nowadays, we keep seeing people posting about global problems, poverty, crime, famines etc. and calling out to people who just waste their time on social websites, like I am doing by just writing this.

But what can we do? I know that for a fact that when people see pictures or headlines about this big bad world on their homepages, they start worrying! They start thinking! They think about doing something, honestly, I think like that too! I don’t really get anywhere with just liking that page or continuing to scroll through my homepage like I didn’t see a picture of a dead young boy!

Till where I know, I haven’t done much good in my life, for myself or for others. I keep thinking about it but don’t really do much, instead I become worse. But that’s just my fault! I am thinking too much! I am worrying over the silliest little things when there is a world out there going through worse!

Though I am not saying we shouldn’t twice before we say or do anything, but what I am saying is that is if you ever want to think deep, actually fret something that worth fretting over do that! And not just think about it, do something about it! You might not reach your goal immediately and that’s not really the point, the point is that you started! You started and you’re working hard to get there and some day you will Insha Allah!

I think we all start off with baby steps through getting through this struggle called life and patience is a virtue which I’ve been trying to teach myself because know it or not, some day, we’ll climb those walls of hardship and struggle and actually get to the top.

And if don’t? At least we’re working, we’re trying our best and honestly, your struggle is more worthy than your goal!