My Randomness

Struggling to get there!

I haven’t really worked that hard for pretty much anything in my life. I barely put any effort in school work but when I give it my all, I don’t get the results I wished for.

I am a really lazy person, meaning putting effort in even doing one question of my Maths homework takes a lot of willpower and sometimes I just easily give up, like right now, I am supposed to complete my study notes for English but I am nowhere near finishing, I never reach the end of any work and I believe it’s because I don’t struggle to get there. I believe in this saying “You struggle to reach the end” and I sadly don’t which makes me feel guilty.

When you struggle with something, and still keep going on, you achieve something, but when you don’t struggle with something, don’t put in the effort, you just end up with nothing!

However, when you reach a point in putting all that effort, where you aren’t getting the results you’re desperately hoping for, then that thing’s just not meant for you. You can’t just give up and drop all your hard work there and then, but give it your best and trust me, you’ll feel good that at least you tried.

I am trying to convince myself with that as I study for Chemistry, Biology or Physics but I still manage to feel low in the dumps even when my siblings try convincing me that Science isn’t just my thing. Hopefully, I’ll achieve something good with this struggle, and surprisingly I do struggle with Science! It’s just so hard!!