Social Slave- Part 1


And listening

As it all gets to your brain.

Your wheels turning

As you become a social slave.


Your hair was pretty-straight,

But everyone thought you looked dull.

So you curled it-

You styled it.

Satisfied everyone-

Not none.


Your jeans were really baggy-

They made Everyone frown.

You threw them,

And bought tight ones.

And turned their frowns-

Into appreciating smirks.


You didn’t gossip-

It wasn’t your thing.

Gossip mongers weren’t your friends.

But you let them get to you.

And gossiped-

As you became Them.


You weren’t them-

A crowd of judgmental jerks!

You weren’t them-

Who evilly smirked.


You weren’t Their norm,

You were Unique.

But one look from them,

Made you weak.


It crushed your firmness-

You let Them through your walls.

You became them,

And with them-

You fall.


And become what We-

Uniqueness feared.

A societal norm-

A social slave.