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Death Has Become a Cliche Plot Device for Plots!

Even if happy endings are a never ending trend to most of the stories we read, death of the protagonist, has become a trend too. Although, such a plot device teaches us that our realities aren’t made up of happy endings, I believe this trend has gone too far.

Some of the love stories I have read in the recent past, involve the protagonist falling for a person who is about to die, and after they fall in love, confess to each other and live their lives to the fullest, their love dies.

They don’t always have to die!

Death of a loved one teaches us many things such as patience, to cherish our loved ones and take something from the death of the person you loved- a lesson. The stories I’ve read target that too, but what about hope? What about struggling and overcoming your weakness and your pain? What about beating death at its own game?

I feel like the stories I’ve read lack that- I know a terminal disease eventually kills, but does the protagonist always have to have a terminal disease? And even if he or she are suffering from something non-terminating (I don’t know a better term!), then why do they give up? Why do they have to leave the story?

I feel like dying isn’t a necessary plot device for all those protagonists that died, they could have continued to teach lessons by living. Dying isn’t completely necessary for them!

My Randomness

Story- My Poetry Book on Wattpad

It’s my first week of summer vacation and so far its been good, Alhamdulillah. Although, the political atmosphere in the Gulf seems a bit tense, I am just hoping it all ends and everyone is happy again- a tense-less global atmosphere, Insha Allah!

Anyhow, I wanted to advertise a poetry book I am working on on Wattpad. It’s called ‘Story’ and my username is- @Me_a_Poet. If any of you readers, like poetry or are Wattpad users, please do give my book a shot, and a vote.

I hope you guys like it 🙂 Here’s a link:

And a picture to motivate you:


Short Stories

Mundane Reality


I flicked the switch, but no lights came. Sighing in frustration, I blindly made my way to the couch in the dark in search of my phone. I felt my frustration building up when I realized I’d forgotten to pay last month’s electricity bill. If Anne (mother) was here, she’d have gotten it collected on time. But, she had left me a long time ago.

Ugh!” I groaned in pain when my knee bumped into the couch. I rubbed it soothingly, and made my way around the couch. After a few minutes of feeling around; I finally felt the cover of my mobile.

I called up the landlord, and assured him that I’d pay the bill the next morning; he didn’t let the lights back into my apartment. Exhausted, I fell asleep, leaving my worries for tomorrow.

I woke up to sunlight peeking through the blinds, forcing me to leave some happy dreams behind and wake up to my mundane reality. I got ready quickly because I didn’t want to miss the 8 a.m. bus. Coming out into the living room, I collected all my necessities because I didn’t want to be a mess for my interview.

After I was set, I locked my apartment and left the building. It was the start of rush hour, so the streets were filled with people hurrying to different destinations. I allowed the crowd to swallow me as I made my way past rude strangers.

The bus stop was across the street, but the cars speeding past me left me impatiently rooted at the edge of the pavement.  When the road was clear, I started crossing and answered my ringing phone.

“Hello” I said only to be greeted by silence that deafened the honks of the car speeding my way. It hit me; which had me flying in the air only to land roughly a few feet away. I felt blood trickle down my temple and I was quickly losing conscious, any will to live. But, someone was calling out to her, yet she ignored them, letting her reality disappear behind her eyelids for good. People rushed to help, but they were late.


My Randomness

Struggling to get there!

I haven’t really worked that hard for pretty much anything in my life. I barely put any effort in school work but when I give it my all, I don’t get the results I wished for.

I am a really lazy person, meaning putting effort in even doing one question of my Maths homework takes a lot of willpower and sometimes I just easily give up, like right now, I am supposed to complete my study notes for English but I am nowhere near finishing, I never reach the end of any work and I believe it’s because I don’t struggle to get there. I believe in this saying “You struggle to reach the end” and I sadly don’t which makes me feel guilty.

When you struggle with something, and still keep going on, you achieve something, but when you don’t struggle with something, don’t put in the effort, you just end up with nothing!

However, when you reach a point in putting all that effort, where you aren’t getting the results you’re desperately hoping for, then that thing’s just not meant for you. You can’t just give up and drop all your hard work there and then, but give it your best and trust me, you’ll feel good that at least you tried.

I am trying to convince myself with that as I study for Chemistry, Biology or Physics but I still manage to feel low in the dumps even when my siblings try convincing me that Science isn’t just my thing. Hopefully, I’ll achieve something good with this struggle, and surprisingly I do struggle with Science! It’s just so hard!!

My Randomness

Being an Author

It’s a great feeling when you see people read your book and compliment it. I always feel happy when people read my poetry and like it. I like writing poetry and get excited when people read it. People love it when their work is admired and I feel the same way too. I just get depressed when I don’t see people more than my family or relatives talking about it, so I just realized that it is kind of hard being an author.

It’s the easiest job around, till where I know but then you have go under so many procedures, like when the book is published, you are supposed to make it public, try to get more people to read it. And then I don’t know what happens but then I might just find out in the future (Insha Allah).