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The Last Day of Exams Is Not Always A Happy Ending….

Today was my last exam: Maths. It was supposed to be a good day- the last day of exams, the start of summer vacation and the most probably the final time I give a paper for Maths (Insha Allah!).  I had great expectations from my statistics paper. It didn’t end quite well- but hopefully Allah will have mercy on me.

Moreover, there is still the worry about my results, I don’t know what to expect, I am just praying that I pass. This worry is to continue on for the next two months, but I just forget about it in trying to have fun throughout the hot, summer days.

This summer , Insha Allah, I am planning to explore Philosophy, Insha Allah. I am planning to read books such as Beyond Good and Evil, The Heart of Islamic Philosophy and some other books. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read these books and finish them during the summer, Insha Allah.

I am actually planning to take Philosophy at college Insha Allah, so hopefully these reads will help me get some understanding of the variety of topics explored in Philosophy. The last day of school didn’t literally end well, but summer vacation begins with a new ray of hope.

Book Reviews

What Katy Did Next: A Must Read Classic

Hello beautiful world!

I have been busy with exams lately, but this is a book I just have to write about. This isn’t one of my recent reads, but it’s one of those stories that has stayed with me since I dont know when.

Unlike your usual Jane Austen or Bronte books, this book covers a story of a girl who gets the chance to travel Europe. The imagery is so vivid that you actually feel like you’re in that place. The protagonist- Katy is one of my favourite characters in classics. She’s just amazing- simple, selfless, caring and I just love anything that she does- ANYTHING! Like how she acts like an Irish hostess on Christmas. But, most of all, it’s mostly her selfless and caring character- I just don’t want to spoil the book any further for you.

I just love Susan Coolidge’s writing style-the imagery mostly. The story is so simple, but the vivid imagery makes it’s such a beautiful journey for the reader.

I love the book so much that I am just going to rate it five stars out of five ✨✨✨✨✨.

P.S I have a literature exam on Thursday, pray for me 🙏

My Randomness

Not Being Good At Physics!

When I think about Physics, I think about my fat workbook, where I have to practice past papers in order to make myself perfect. Well, I am trying….I am getting somewhere, I think! And from there, I know that I have to keep moving forward!

Science was never my thing and it’s never going to be, but I have to do something for this one thing, that’s Science, for good grades and for a happy future 🙂

So, I have to keep trying, that makes me think, ‘die hard! and never give up!’

My Randomness


I am actually quite distracted by my surroundings at the moment and I am too lazy to get away from here! I can’t manage to concentrate on anything for more than a minute, it’s actually quite frustrating how I can’t concentrate one single thing at one time.

My mind is filled with thoughts that can be louder than the pin drop silence surrounding me or even louder than the loudest of chatters.

My Randomness

Time’s fast!

I think everyone knows that everyday passes like the wind. I don’t know why that usually happens in the summer. Whenever I want the days to fly they never do but these days, these summer days always like, sorry love to fly fast.

The time at school likes to be slow and I really hate that. Whenever we have a boring class like Geography or Math I always feel like the time is running or trying to run, is like the turtle. And whenever we are at home the whole day seems to pass in one blink and I always realize that at night.

I usually like these days, the ending days of May and the starting of June. They always seem to be fine. It’s the end of school, there’s usually no revision but sometimes there is. Anyway, then there are exams and though the day flies fast, the exam hours are always really, really slow.

Exams are going to start next week and I want time to run, but this is just a wish, I don’t know if it’ll come true or not, though I badly wish it should. Everyday, I find my friend saying “I wish it was the 16th today.” I can’t do anything but agree with her but when, usually the last day comes and I find myself at home the time runs slowly. Everything seems to be boring and I really start missing school. But as I keep thinking this all, time really runs and honestly, it’s faster than me or my thoughts and then I like always find myself at the end of summer vacation and beginning of school.

I just wish these days pass at a normal speed, not too fast, not too slow because I know that I am always going to miss them.