My Randomness

Losing My Streak!

There was this once upon a time that I wrote poetry. I still do but I think I am just losing my streak. When I write a stanza I feel like I’ve written it once before or the meaning is the same as from some other poem. So I wonder what’s going to happen now?

I think it’s happening due to the following reasons:

  1. I am too lazy to note down my inspiration.
  2. I can’t literally put down my feelings on paper.
  3. I think maybe it’s because of school, but I don’t work that hard, so this is the same point as number one.

Poetry just comes to you sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. When I first found out about this talent, I was happy, I felt like I had a future and that was poetry. But now, time has changed and so have my goals and this poetry has just become a hobby that I like sharing with people and getting their reviews on it.

As I said before, I haven’t written much lately and it can also be due to the fact that I don’t find any depth in my poetry. Sometimes, it’s simply one worded stanzas and no, that one word stanzas don’t speak great volumes, they don’t even echo.

I like writing stories to and whenever I’ve practised that hobby, I haven’t found much inspiration in poetry, but no matter what the facts or reasons, I don’t think it’s going to stop me from losing my streak, not that I want to…..