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DNF for 3 years and more ➡️ Finally finished

Hello to the beautiful world,

Sorry for being out of action for so long but it has just been a hectic summer. And through my messed up routine, I have finally managed to finish reading ‘The Afghan’ by Frederick Forsyth.

I have a few things to say about this book- it is good, even when ‘’ told me otherwise. The plot is quite quick paced so a person like me who doesn’t understand military and secret intelligence vocabulary, can have a hard time to keep up and there are many perspectives in the story covered at the same time, there is nothing revealed later, so the reader doesn’t have a hard time figuring out what is going to happen.  Therefore, it doesn’t let reader rest; there is always something happening.

Although, there is one thing that the ‘Goodreads’ reviewers mentioned that I agree with.  Forsyth dives into knowledge that is too common these days. The thrill comes solely from the mission covered in the plot, not by what is mentioned in the daily news.

Overall it is a good book. That’s it.

Book Reviews

My First Read In A Long Time: Desperate in Dubai


It’s been some time since I have touched a book and when I finally it did, it was a story of the city where I am currently living: Dubai. Living in Dubai for most my life, I know that place as home. I know this place as a dream come true. It’s been the peace I’ve always wanted. Although , ‘Desperate in Dubai’ presents Dubai from an angle that’s completely foreign to me or my happy bubble.

‘Desperate in Dubai’ is a story about four women: Lady Luxe, an Emirati heiress leading a double life. Leila, a successful career woman who is desperately searching for the man of her dreams. Sugar, whose moved to Dubai to escape her past in London and Delhi. And Nadia, who moved with her husband to Dubai to save her marriage.

The story based in Dubai appealed to me and started reading. I am on Chapter 12, and so far I’ve found these women’s stories pitiful. But, the summary on the back of the book has promised me a change, a new beginning and a hopefully happy ending. The character that garnered most of my sympathy? All of them, as the title of the book clearly states are ‘desperate’. This makes makes me empathise with them greatly, each of them is so desperate to find their happy ending.

I can’t instantly rate the book, but so far it’s 3.5 stars out of 5. I still have to find out how these women conquer their conflicts and Dubai.