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DNF for 3 years and more ➡️ Finally finished

Hello to the beautiful world,

Sorry for being out of action for so long but it has just been a hectic summer. And through my messed up routine, I have finally managed to finish reading ‘The Afghan’ by Frederick Forsyth.

I have a few things to say about this book- it is good, even when ‘’ told me otherwise. The plot is quite quick paced so a person like me who doesn’t understand military and secret intelligence vocabulary, can have a hard time to keep up and there are many perspectives in the story covered at the same time, there is nothing revealed later, so the reader doesn’t have a hard time figuring out what is going to happen.  Therefore, it doesn’t let reader rest; there is always something happening.

Although, there is one thing that the ‘Goodreads’ reviewers mentioned that I agree with.  Forsyth dives into knowledge that is too common these days. The thrill comes solely from the mission covered in the plot, not by what is mentioned in the daily news.

Overall it is a good book. That’s it.

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13 Reasons Why : The Difference Between The Book and The TV Series


Hello to the beautiful world,

I read ’13 Reasons Why’ around two years ago and watched the season one of the TV series just last year.  In today’s post I am just going to mention the very few differences between the book and the TV series of ’13 Reasons Why’. I am not planning to focus on plot details, but other elements such as purpose of plot, themes etc.

Asher’s book doesn’t focus on details about the lives of the bullies such as Justin coming from dysfunctional background. Asher just focuses on the actions of his characters. This feature has changed the effects of the book and the TV series; the book’s concentrated bullying theme shows the readers that bullying is wrong no matter what. But with the TV series presenting a bigger picture, various perspectives are developed and whether the bullying really caused Hannah’s suicide becomes debatable. It seems like the TV series’ screenwriters have tried making excuses for the bullies; some of them are more responsible for Hannah’s death than others but from Asher’s plot, they are all equally responsible for leading Hannah to her death.

And, the book doesn’t cover what happens after Clay has listened to the tapes. It highlights its effects but what happens with the other characters is not covered. Asher’s sole purpose seems to be make his readers understand one thing: bullying is wrong. So does the TV series but the latter’s bigger picture seems to have a few defects. For example, in the second season it is shown that both Jessica and Hannah case is brought to court but both of them are lost. If a second season had to be made, one of them should have gotten justice, right? Even though, today’s justice system isn’t that perfect but then what is the purpose of the second season? I haven’t watched it yet, but the spoilers I have received from my brother don’t seem very promising.

In the end, I decided against watching the second season because I found no reason to continue to watch; the TV series just deviates from the original purpose of the plotline.