Nowhere Near Home

I walked all those streets

Passed all those stores

Breathed the air of those fields

But I am nowhere

Near home.



I talked to many people

Always asking for directions

I played with the little kids

Forgetting my infatuation.



I ate the Chinese chowmien

Pizza and French toast too

Had cold tea for breakfast

But all

Without you.



I read many books

Romance, comedy and thriller

Spent rainy afternoon

In the library.

Remembering you

Over coffee.



I wrote many letters

But never posted them

Carried them

Around the world

And dumped each

On every road.



I camped near rivers

Or stayed in abandoned homes

The loneliness

Creeping in

Making me

A lunatic.



I wore a shirt for days

Stitched up those holes

Wore them out

Forgot about

Ever going home.



I always cleaned up

Never leaving a mess

Never troubled anyone

And head my way again.




This journey, I took for hours

Days, weeks or months

Never finding

Never feeling

How it was

To be home.

Book Reviews

What Katy Did Next: A Must Read Classic

Hello beautiful world!

I have been busy with exams lately, but this is a book I just have to write about. This isn’t one of my recent reads, but it’s one of those stories that has stayed with me since I dont know when.

Unlike your usual Jane Austen or Bronte books, this book covers a story of a girl who gets the chance to travel Europe. The imagery is so vivid that you actually feel like you’re in that place. The protagonist- Katy is one of my favourite characters in classics. She’s just amazing- simple, selfless, caring and I just love anything that she does- ANYTHING! Like how she acts like an Irish hostess on Christmas. But, most of all, it’s mostly her selfless and caring character- I just don’t want to spoil the book any further for you.

I just love Susan Coolidge’s writing style-the imagery mostly. The story is so simple, but the vivid imagery makes it’s such a beautiful journey for the reader.

I love the book so much that I am just going to rate it five stars out of five ✨✨✨✨✨.

P.S I have a literature exam on Thursday, pray for me 🙏


A Poem I wrote for Syria

That tiny heart-
You let it slow down.
Those small lungs-
Are barely functioning.
That frail body
Is shivering to the bones.
That innocent face,
Is losing life.
Those twinkling eyes
Are losing their happiness.
Those smiling lips
Aren’t smiling,
But struggling to breathe
That fresh air,
Pure normality of childhood,
The lost feeling of their home:

These innocent lives are
Heartlessly Diminished.
These Syrian lives are lost.
Heartlessly attacked-
And killed.
Silently watched,
With minds
Numbed by this brutality,
Muted too.

Time can’t be reversed:
Not those chemical attacks,
Nor those innocent deaths.
But, this time teaches us
To stand,
Against this brutality inflicted
On these Syrian souls.

Short Stories

Mundane Reality


I flicked the switch, but no lights came. Sighing in frustration, I blindly made my way to the couch in the dark in search of my phone. I felt my frustration building up when I realized I’d forgotten to pay last month’s electricity bill. If Anne (mother) was here, she’d have gotten it collected on time. But, she had left me a long time ago.

Ugh!” I groaned in pain when my knee bumped into the couch. I rubbed it soothingly, and made my way around the couch. After a few minutes of feeling around; I finally felt the cover of my mobile.

I called up the landlord, and assured him that I’d pay the bill the next morning; he didn’t let the lights back into my apartment. Exhausted, I fell asleep, leaving my worries for tomorrow.

I woke up to sunlight peeking through the blinds, forcing me to leave some happy dreams behind and wake up to my mundane reality. I got ready quickly because I didn’t want to miss the 8 a.m. bus. Coming out into the living room, I collected all my necessities because I didn’t want to be a mess for my interview.

After I was set, I locked my apartment and left the building. It was the start of rush hour, so the streets were filled with people hurrying to different destinations. I allowed the crowd to swallow me as I made my way past rude strangers.

The bus stop was across the street, but the cars speeding past me left me impatiently rooted at the edge of the pavement.  When the road was clear, I started crossing and answered my ringing phone.

“Hello” I said only to be greeted by silence that deafened the honks of the car speeding my way. It hit me; which had me flying in the air only to land roughly a few feet away. I felt blood trickle down my temple and I was quickly losing conscious, any will to live. But, someone was calling out to her, yet she ignored them, letting her reality disappear behind her eyelids for good. People rushed to help, but they were late.


Book Reviews

My First Read In A Long Time: Desperate in Dubai

IMG_3895IMG_3896It’s been some time since I have touched a book and when I finally it did, it was a story of the city where I am currently living: Dubai. Living in Dubai for most my life, I know that place as home. I know this place as a dream come true. It’s been the peace I’ve always wanted. Although , ‘Desperate in Dubai’ presents Dubai from an angle that’s completely foreign to me or my happy bubble.

‘Desperate in Dubai’ is a story about four women: Lady Luxe, an Emirati heiress leading a double life. Leila, a successful career woman who is desperately searching for the man of her dreams. Sugar, whose moved to Dubai to escape her past in London and Delhi. And Nadia, who moved with her husband to Dubai to save her marriage.

The story based in Dubai appealed to me and started reading. I am on Chapter 12, and so far I’ve found these women’s stories pitiful. But, the summary on the back of the book has promised me a change, a new beginning and a hopefully happy ending. The character that garnered most of my sympathy? All of them, as the title of the book clearly states are ‘desperate’. This makes makes me empathise with them greatly, each of them is so desperate to find their happy ending.

I can’t instantly rate the book, but so far it’s 3.5 stars out of 5. I still have to find out how these women conquer their conflicts and Dubai.