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The Daily Soap Operas Need Change!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being MIA for so long but I AM BACK! And this is all thanks to the winter break. The irony of it is that there is no such thing as winter in the UAE. But at least we get the term break.

Anyway, today I want to write about what I think about the soap operas airing on our TVs every, single day. I DON’T LIKE THEM! Why do I not like them? Firstly, I don’t like daily soap operas, especially the Indian ones because of the unsystematic structure of the plot. Everything is going smoothly for one minute and the next someone dies or goes to jail and there is no proper explanation to it as to why this happens but it has to happen so they can make something new happen, so the sub-plot abruptly ends with loose threads.

Secondly, some Indian soap operas don’t equally focus on other characters and solely concentrate the spotlight on the protagonists. The other characters are like statues in the background. What are they standing there for? Nobody knows!

Thirdly, some soap operas have very ugly themed colors for the settings as well as the clothing. I still don’t get why does the grandma have to wear a choker! Why does the whole family have to wear the same colored clothes? If they just have to, why can’t they wear the appropriate shades?

Finally, some series aren’t even real! You can’t relate them to reality when they try to justify that this happens in real life, does it? Do mother-in-laws always have the time to concoct some action-filled plans to ruin their daughter-in-laws in real life? Are they film writers or simply just the mother of their sons?

These were just some of things that don’t appeal to me when I sit in front of the TV. There’s a lot more but I’ll share them some other time, right now I’ve got a few college applications to complete.


My Randomness

In Kashmir: A Trip To Sonmarg

Hello to the beautiful world I’ve been missing from days,

I know I haven’t written in long but my summer vacation in Kashmir has not been all peace and calm. It wasn’t chaotic either, but in Kashmir, I have no proper schedule or routine so it’s always up and down with me getting no time to write.

Anyways, here I am, and I want to tell everyone about my trip to the mountains. Although I uploaded a few pics on Instagram(username:me_a_poet) weeks ago, I just didn’t have time to write about it.

We-me, my father, sister and brother joined our uncle’s and aunt’s families for a trip to Sonmarg- a mountain area away from Srinagar. Although I don’t really enjoy family road trips, but this trip was special because of the beautiful scenery all along the way.


We had lunch on a hill top and I was able to get some pretty good pictures there. The weather was nice, the sun kept coming and going but it was great, feeling that wind hit your face.

After we had lunch, we drove down the hill and went biking. It was the four wheeler bike and I got on it, and I drove like a turtle! But, I didn’t get hurt which is a plus point. Later, my cousins and my siblings went horse riding. I didn’t go because one look at those horses and I knew they were weak. I didn’t want to burden them with my weight. I became the heroine for those black beauties, but the rest of my family wasn’t, so maybe it wasn’t completely a win win situation. My  dad rode a horse- he rid well but when it was time to get off, he took his sweet time getting off the saddle.  But, some times too much time taken at a task can end in a mess so my dad fell. It wasn’t a really bad fall, he just didn’t know how to get off .

Even though I didn’t go horse riding or anything, I was exhausted- I think it was because of sitting in the car for too long, but it was fun! Visiting those mountains again, after such a long time; it was good.

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Story- My Poetry Book on Wattpad

It’s my first week of summer vacation and so far its been good, Alhamdulillah. Although, the political atmosphere in the Gulf seems a bit tense, I am just hoping it all ends and everyone is happy again- a tense-less global atmosphere, Insha Allah!

Anyhow, I wanted to advertise a poetry book I am working on on Wattpad. It’s called ‘Story’ and my username is- @Me_a_Poet. If any of you readers, like poetry or are Wattpad users, please do give my book a shot, and a vote.

I hope you guys like it 🙂 Here’s a link:

And a picture to motivate you:


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The Last Day of Exams Is Not Always A Happy Ending….

Today was my last exam: Maths. It was supposed to be a good day- the last day of exams, the start of summer vacation and the most probably the final time I give a paper for Maths (Insha Allah!).  I had great expectations from my statistics paper. It didn’t end quite well- but hopefully Allah will have mercy on me.

Moreover, there is still the worry about my results, I don’t know what to expect, I am just praying that I pass. This worry is to continue on for the next two months, but I just forget about it in trying to have fun throughout the hot, summer days.

This summer , Insha Allah, I am planning to explore Philosophy, Insha Allah. I am planning to read books such as Beyond Good and Evil, The Heart of Islamic Philosophy and some other books. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read these books and finish them during the summer, Insha Allah.

I am actually planning to take Philosophy at college Insha Allah, so hopefully these reads will help me get some understanding of the variety of topics explored in Philosophy. The last day of school didn’t literally end well, but summer vacation begins with a new ray of hope.

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Not Being Good At Physics!

When I think about Physics, I think about my fat workbook, where I have to practice past papers in order to make myself perfect. Well, I am trying….I am getting somewhere, I think! And from there, I know that I have to keep moving forward!

Science was never my thing and it’s never going to be, but I have to do something for this one thing, that’s Science, for good grades and for a happy future 🙂

So, I have to keep trying, that makes me think, ‘die hard! and never give up!’

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I’ll start randomly, from a dull day. What do I say next? I don’t know! I don’t know what to talk about. I am currently giving my mocks but I don’t really want to talk about how I’ve done so far.

Very recently I realized that I worry too much. I don’t literally do something about my problem, instead I just keep worrying about it. How many of you have ever felt that? Probably, most of you have.

Nowadays, we keep seeing people posting about global problems, poverty, crime, famines etc. and calling out to people who just waste their time on social websites, like I am doing by just writing this.

But what can we do? I know that for a fact that when people see pictures or headlines about this big bad world on their homepages, they start worrying! They start thinking! They think about doing something, honestly, I think like that too! I don’t really get anywhere with just liking that page or continuing to scroll through my homepage like I didn’t see a picture of a dead young boy!

Till where I know, I haven’t done much good in my life, for myself or for others. I keep thinking about it but don’t really do much, instead I become worse. But that’s just my fault! I am thinking too much! I am worrying over the silliest little things when there is a world out there going through worse!

Though I am not saying we shouldn’t twice before we say or do anything, but what I am saying is that is if you ever want to think deep, actually fret something that worth fretting over do that! And not just think about it, do something about it! You might not reach your goal immediately and that’s not really the point, the point is that you started! You started and you’re working hard to get there and some day you will Insha Allah!

I think we all start off with baby steps through getting through this struggle called life and patience is a virtue which I’ve been trying to teach myself because know it or not, some day, we’ll climb those walls of hardship and struggle and actually get to the top.

And if don’t? At least we’re working, we’re trying our best and honestly, your struggle is more worthy than your goal!