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DNF for 3 years and more ➡️ Finally finished

Hello to the beautiful world,

Sorry for being out of action for so long but it has just been a hectic summer. And through my messed up routine, I have finally managed to finish reading ‘The Afghan’ by Frederick Forsyth.

I have a few things to say about this book- it is good, even when ‘’ told me otherwise. The plot is quite quick paced so a person like me who doesn’t understand military and secret intelligence vocabulary, can have a hard time to keep up and there are many perspectives in the story covered at the same time, there is nothing revealed later, so the reader doesn’t have a hard time figuring out what is going to happen.  Therefore, it doesn’t let reader rest; there is always something happening.

Although, there is one thing that the ‘Goodreads’ reviewers mentioned that I agree with.  Forsyth dives into knowledge that is too common these days. The thrill comes solely from the mission covered in the plot, not by what is mentioned in the daily news.

Overall it is a good book. That’s it.

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13 Reasons Why : The Difference Between The Book and The TV Series


Hello to the beautiful world,

I read ’13 Reasons Why’ around two years ago and watched the season one of the TV series just last year.  In today’s post I am just going to mention the very few differences between the book and the TV series of ’13 Reasons Why’. I am not planning to focus on plot details, but other elements such as purpose of plot, themes etc.

Asher’s book doesn’t focus on details about the lives of the bullies such as Justin coming from dysfunctional background. Asher just focuses on the actions of his characters. This feature has changed the effects of the book and the TV series; the book’s concentrated bullying theme shows the readers that bullying is wrong no matter what. But with the TV series presenting a bigger picture, various perspectives are developed and whether the bullying really caused Hannah’s suicide becomes debatable. It seems like the TV series’ screenwriters have tried making excuses for the bullies; some of them are more responsible for Hannah’s death than others but from Asher’s plot, they are all equally responsible for leading Hannah to her death.

And, the book doesn’t cover what happens after Clay has listened to the tapes. It highlights its effects but what happens with the other characters is not covered. Asher’s sole purpose seems to be make his readers understand one thing: bullying is wrong. So does the TV series but the latter’s bigger picture seems to have a few defects. For example, in the second season it is shown that both Jessica and Hannah case is brought to court but both of them are lost. If a second season had to be made, one of them should have gotten justice, right? Even though, today’s justice system isn’t that perfect but then what is the purpose of the second season? I haven’t watched it yet, but the spoilers I have received from my brother don’t seem very promising.

In the end, I decided against watching the second season because I found no reason to continue to watch; the TV series just deviates from the original purpose of the plotline.

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Some Of The Many Reasons I Do NOT Like ‘Emma’

46B94DB6-13D0-470C-AC81-FF8FD43EF923My Literature homework  for the term holidays was to finish reading Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and now; in the last week of my holidays, I am nowhere near it’s end (I wish it was).

It’s a good nineteenth century classic and has given me a wonderful insight into the English society of the eighteen hundreds. Now, coming to the reasons why I do not LIKE ‘Emma’

1. The back cover of my copy claims it is a comedy where I believe it is completely not. I think the publishers are referring to Emma’s stupidity in assuming that she is always right in her assumptions and how she believes she’s the perfect matchmaker, but I don’t see that comic, I find Emma’s character completely cringe worthy and I feel like slapping my head on how she’s taking the credit for things that are just bound to happen i.e her governess’ marriage.


2.  Emma is NOSY & INTERFERRING! I guess it just comes with her supposedly great matchmaking skills, but that’s another one of her characteristics that makes me cringe, again. They don’t make her completely laugh worthy.

3. She feels a connection with a guy who hasn’t even shown his face for a long, long and long time (maybe longer than that), but she feels it and this causes her to sympathise with him and defend him in front of Mr.Knightley- a family friend that she sees and talks to everyday of her stupid matchmaking life!

4. The mysterious guy finally shows up (Frank Churchill is the name), and she becomes friends with him and together they try to jokingly solve the mystery of Jane Fairfax’s  (Emma’s neighbour) secret admirer. But if Emma was a very skilled matchmaker, she would have realised how her friend was actually the secret admirer. Frank might seem clever to all, as every other character in the book seems to have be clueless about it, but how can Emma-the little matchmaker seem to NOT notice?

5. Honestly, the matchmaking business going on this book is not very entertaining and even though Austen is clearly mocking the delusions of her own creation in the book, it is not very fun to read. There isn’t much drama to the book, nothing too exciting and that gets me worried about how will I manage to write a passage based answer on ‘Emma’ in A level English Literature paper 5?

6. Oh, I forgot! Who gave Emma the right to fix some other person’s marriage? The matchmaking thing really gets to her head and that just in the beginning of the book!

7. This book isn’t lighthearted compared to other of Austen’s work, it is just boring compared to the rest of them.



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Death Has Become a Cliche Plot Device for Plots!

Even if happy endings are a never ending trend to most of the stories we read, death of the protagonist, has become a trend too. Although, such a plot device teaches us that our realities aren’t made up of happy endings, I believe this trend has gone too far.

Some of the love stories I have read in the recent past, involve the protagonist falling for a person who is about to die, and after they fall in love, confess to each other and live their lives to the fullest, their love dies.

They don’t always have to die!

Death of a loved one teaches us many things such as patience, to cherish our loved ones and take something from the death of the person you loved- a lesson. The stories I’ve read target that too, but what about hope? What about struggling and overcoming your weakness and your pain? What about beating death at its own game?

I feel like the stories I’ve read lack that- I know a terminal disease eventually kills, but does the protagonist always have to have a terminal disease? And even if he or she are suffering from something non-terminating (I don’t know a better term!), then why do they give up? Why do they have to leave the story?

I feel like dying isn’t a necessary plot device for all those protagonists that died, they could have continued to teach lessons by living. Dying isn’t completely necessary for them!

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A Book With An Unexpected End!

This is also my reads from last or the year before that. It was a book with quite a shocking end- The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie- a well known writer of mystery, thriller, anything that keeps you on the edge,had written this as a play which was adapted to a novel by Charles Osborne- a job well done! The plot opens up with a man and his broken car, and he walks to a house nearby in order to ask for help. But help is not what he receives, instead the sight of a murdered body.

The plot is quite twisted with the wife of the dead person highlighted as a suspect first, who this man is ready to help to cover her crime, but it’s clear she’s covering up someone else. The story twists and twines even further but that’s for the reader to uncover. This one hint is not the revelation of this crooked mystery!

Moreover, Agatha Christie, is a novelist and playwright whose books have to be read. I f you haven’t read her books, you do not know the definition of mystery and thrill. Even if the stories are set in the previous century, they are a thrill and an adventure which are exciting to experience. In the end, there’s just too much shock which one has to experience in order to know that a mystery is never easy to solve, you think you’ve got the answer, but that’s just one part of the case, there’s tons left to solve!

This book ‘The Unexpected Guest’ is a must read for anyone who loves mystery, because the truth in this plot doesn’t come easy. Also, the front cover by HarperCollins is too cool for you to ignore. Here are a few pictures:



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Book Without A Cover!

Yes such a thing exists!

A book without a cover!

But how?

It’s a book that’s old and saved throughout the years and it has now come into my posession. It’s torn front cover is a heartbreak, but the story that those yellowed pages own, is really heart warming.

The book’s name is ‘Broken Barriers’ written by Barbara Cartland. It’s a romance set in the 1930’s and if you think this story is too old for you- you are wrong! It’s a story filled with heartbreak, vanity, tears but all with a happy ending. It might sound like a teary read, but it’s not that, the plot is about a search for the true meaning of love.

There’s a lot to learn from the story of Norman- the protagonist, and although it might be a romance from the old times, it’s worth the read! There’s a subplot as well- a story about his step daughter whose own love story comes in play which has its own hardships in store for the readers. But, there is a lot to learn from both their hardships and heartbreaks, but I’ll just mention the one lesson I’ve learnt- true love does not come easy, and that’s why it should never be given up on.

I’ll end this post/book review with a picture of this amazing book:



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What Katy Did Next: A Must Read Classic

Hello beautiful world!

I have been busy with exams lately, but this is a book I just have to write about. This isn’t one of my recent reads, but it’s one of those stories that has stayed with me since I dont know when.

Unlike your usual Jane Austen or Bronte books, this book covers a story of a girl who gets the chance to travel Europe. The imagery is so vivid that you actually feel like you’re in that place. The protagonist- Katy is one of my favourite characters in classics. She’s just amazing- simple, selfless, caring and I just love anything that she does- ANYTHING! Like how she acts like an Irish hostess on Christmas. But, most of all, it’s mostly her selfless and caring character- I just don’t want to spoil the book any further for you.

I just love Susan Coolidge’s writing style-the imagery mostly. The story is so simple, but the vivid imagery makes it’s such a beautiful journey for the reader.

I love the book so much that I am just going to rate it five stars out of five ✨✨✨✨✨.

P.S I have a literature exam on Thursday, pray for me 🙏