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Some Of The Many Reasons I Do NOT Like ‘Emma’

46B94DB6-13D0-470C-AC81-FF8FD43EF923My Literature homework  for the term holidays was to finish reading Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and now; in the last week of my holidays, I am nowhere near it’s end (I wish it was).

It’s a good nineteenth century classic and has given me a wonderful insight into the English society of the eighteen hundreds. Now, coming to the reasons why I do not LIKE ‘Emma’

1. The back cover of my copy claims it I sent a comedy where I believe it is completely not. I think the publishers are referring to Emma’s stupidity in assuming that she is always right in her assumptions and how she believes she’s the perfect matchmaker, but I don’t see that comic, I find Emma’s character completely cringe worthy and I feel like slapping my head on how she’s taking the credit for things that are just bound to happen i.e her governess’ marriage.


2.  Emma is NOSY & INTERFERRING! I guess it just comes with her supposedly great matchmaking skills, but that’s another one of her characteristics that makes me cringe, again. They don’t make her completely laugh worthy.

3. She feels a connection with a guy who hasn’t even shown his face for a long, long and long time (maybe longer than that), but she feels it and this causes her to sympathise with him and defend him in front of Mr.Knightley- a family friend that she sees and talks to everyday of her stupid matchmaking life!

4. The mysterious guy finally shows up (Frank Churchill is the name), and she becomes friends with him and together they try to jokingly solve the mystery of Jane Fairfax’s  (Emma’s neighbour) secret admirer. But if Emma was a very skilled matchmaker, she would have realised how her friend was actually the secret admirer. Frank might seem clever to all, as every other character in the book seems to have be clueless about it, but how can Emma-the little matchmaker seem to NOT notice?

5. Honestly, the matchmaking business going on this book is not very entertaining and even though Austen is clearly mocking the delusions of her own creation in the book, it is not very fun to read. There isn’t much drama to the book, nothing too exciting and that gets me worried about how will I manage to write a passage based answer on ‘Emma’ in A level English Literature paper 5?

6. Oh, I forgot! Who gave Emma the right to fix some other person’s marriage? The matchmaking thing really gets to her head and that just in the beginning of the book!

7. This book isn’t lighthearted compared to other of Austen’s work, it is just boring compared to the rest of them.



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The Daily Soap Operas Need Change!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being MIA for so long but I AM BACK! And this is all thanks to the winter break. The irony of it is that there is no such thing as winter in the UAE. But at least we get the term break.

Anyway, today I want to write about what I think about the soap operas airing on our TVs every, single day. I DON’T LIKE THEM! Why do I not like them? Firstly, I don’t like daily soap operas, especially the Indian ones because of the unsystematic structure of the plot. Everything is going smoothly for one minute and the next someone dies or goes to jail and there is no proper explanation to it as to why this happens but it has to happen so they can make something new happen, so the sub-plot abruptly ends with loose threads.

Secondly, some Indian soap operas don’t equally focus on other characters and solely concentrate the spotlight on the protagonists. The other characters are like statues in the background. What are they standing there for? Nobody knows!

Thirdly, some soap operas have very ugly themed colors for the settings as well as the clothing. I still don’t get why does the grandma have to wear a choker! Why does the whole family have to wear the same colored clothes? If they just have to, why can’t they wear the appropriate shades?

Finally, some series aren’t even real! You can’t relate them to reality when they try to justify that this happens in real life, does it? Do mother-in-laws always have the time to concoct some action-filled plans to ruin their daughter-in-laws in real life? Are they film writers or simply just the mother of their sons?

These were just some of things that don’t appeal to me when I sit in front of the TV. There’s a lot more but I’ll share them some other time, right now I’ve got a few college applications to complete.


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In Kashmir: A Trip To Sonmarg

Hello to the beautiful world I’ve been missing from days,

I know I haven’t written in long but my summer vacation in Kashmir has not been all peace and calm. It wasn’t chaotic either, but in Kashmir, I have no proper schedule or routine so it’s always up and down with me getting no time to write.

Anyways, here I am, and I want to tell everyone about my trip to the mountains. Although I uploaded a few pics on Instagram(username:me_a_poet) weeks ago, I just didn’t have time to write about it.

We-me, my father, sister and brother joined our uncle’s and aunt’s families for a trip to Sonmarg- a mountain area away from Srinagar. Although I don’t really enjoy family road trips, but this trip was special because of the beautiful scenery all along the way.


We had lunch on a hill top and I was able to get some pretty good pictures there. The weather was nice, the sun kept coming and going but it was great, feeling that wind hit your face.

After we had lunch, we drove down the hill and went biking. It was the four wheeler bike and I got on it, and I drove like a turtle! But, I didn’t get hurt which is a plus point. Later, my cousins and my siblings went horse riding. I didn’t go because one look at those horses and I knew they were weak. I didn’t want to burden them with my weight. I became the heroine for those black beauties, but the rest of my family wasn’t, so maybe it wasn’t completely a win win situation. My  dad rode a horse- he rid well but when it was time to get off, he took his sweet time getting off the saddle.  But, some times too much time taken at a task can end in a mess so my dad fell. It wasn’t a really bad fall, he just didn’t know how to get off .

Even though I didn’t go horse riding or anything, I was exhausted- I think it was because of sitting in the car for too long, but it was fun! Visiting those mountains again, after such a long time; it was good.

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Death Has Become a Cliche Plot Device for Plots!

Even if happy endings are a never ending trend to most of the stories we read, death of the protagonist, has become a trend too. Although, such a plot device teaches us that our realities aren’t made up of happy endings, I believe this trend has gone too far.

Some of the love stories I have read in the recent past, involve the protagonist falling for a person who is about to die, and after they fall in love, confess to each other and live their lives to the fullest, their love dies.

They don’t always have to die!

Death of a loved one teaches us many things such as patience, to cherish our loved ones and take something from the death of the person you loved- a lesson. The stories I’ve read target that too, but what about hope? What about struggling and overcoming your weakness and your pain? What about beating death at its own game?

I feel like the stories I’ve read lack that- I know a terminal disease eventually kills, but does the protagonist always have to have a terminal disease? And even if he or she are suffering from something non-terminating (I don’t know a better term!), then why do they give up? Why do they have to leave the story?

I feel like dying isn’t a necessary plot device for all those protagonists that died, they could have continued to teach lessons by living. Dying isn’t completely necessary for them!

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Story- My Poetry Book on Wattpad

It’s my first week of summer vacation and so far its been good, Alhamdulillah. Although, the political atmosphere in the Gulf seems a bit tense, I am just hoping it all ends and everyone is happy again- a tense-less global atmosphere, Insha Allah!

Anyhow, I wanted to advertise a poetry book I am working on on Wattpad. It’s called ‘Story’ and my username is- @Me_a_Poet. If any of you readers, like poetry or are Wattpad users, please do give my book a shot, and a vote.

I hope you guys like it 🙂 Here’s a link:

And a picture to motivate you:


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The Last Day of Exams Is Not Always A Happy Ending….

Today was my last exam: Maths. It was supposed to be a good day- the last day of exams, the start of summer vacation and the most probably the final time I give a paper for Maths (Insha Allah!).  I had great expectations from my statistics paper. It didn’t end quite well- but hopefully Allah will have mercy on me.

Moreover, there is still the worry about my results, I don’t know what to expect, I am just praying that I pass. This worry is to continue on for the next two months, but I just forget about it in trying to have fun throughout the hot, summer days.

This summer , Insha Allah, I am planning to explore Philosophy, Insha Allah. I am planning to read books such as Beyond Good and Evil, The Heart of Islamic Philosophy and some other books. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read these books and finish them during the summer, Insha Allah.

I am actually planning to take Philosophy at college Insha Allah, so hopefully these reads will help me get some understanding of the variety of topics explored in Philosophy. The last day of school didn’t literally end well, but summer vacation begins with a new ray of hope.

Book Reviews

A Book With An Unexpected End!

This is also my reads from last or the year before that. It was a book with quite a shocking end- The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie- a well known writer of mystery, thriller, anything that keeps you on the edge,had written this as a play which was adapted to a novel by Charles Osborne- a job well done! The plot opens up with a man and his broken car, and he walks to a house nearby in order to ask for help. But help is not what he receives, instead the sight of a murdered body.

The plot is quite twisted with the wife of the dead person highlighted as a suspect first, who this man is ready to help to cover her crime, but it’s clear she’s covering up someone else. The story twists and twines even further but that’s for the reader to uncover. This one hint is not the revelation of this crooked mystery!

Moreover, Agatha Christie, is a novelist and playwright whose books have to be read. I f you haven’t read her books, you do not know the definition of mystery and thrill. Even if the stories are set in the previous century, they are a thrill and an adventure which are exciting to experience. In the end, there’s just too much shock which one has to experience in order to know that a mystery is never easy to solve, you think you’ve got the answer, but that’s just one part of the case, there’s tons left to solve!

This book ‘The Unexpected Guest’ is a must read for anyone who loves mystery, because the truth in this plot doesn’t come easy. Also, the front cover by HarperCollins is too cool for you to ignore. Here are a few pictures: