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Some Of The Many Reasons I Do NOT Like ‘Emma’

46B94DB6-13D0-470C-AC81-FF8FD43EF923My Literature homework  for the term holidays was to finish reading Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and now; in the last week of my holidays, I am nowhere near it’s end (I wish it was).

It’s a good nineteenth century classic and has given me a wonderful insight into the English society of the eighteen hundreds. Now, coming to the reasons why I do not LIKE ‘Emma’

1. The back cover of my copy claims it is a comedy where I believe it is completely not. I think the publishers are referring to Emma’s stupidity in assuming that she is always right in her assumptions and how she believes she’s the perfect matchmaker, but I don’t see that comic, I find Emma’s character completely cringe worthy and I feel like slapping my head on how she’s taking the credit for things that are just bound to happen i.e her governess’ marriage.


2.  Emma is NOSY & INTERFERRING! I guess it just comes with her supposedly great matchmaking skills, but that’s another one of her characteristics that makes me cringe, again. They don’t make her completely laugh worthy.

3. She feels a connection with a guy who hasn’t even shown his face for a long, long and long time (maybe longer than that), but she feels it and this causes her to sympathise with him and defend him in front of Mr.Knightley- a family friend that she sees and talks to everyday of her stupid matchmaking life!

4. The mysterious guy finally shows up (Frank Churchill is the name), and she becomes friends with him and together they try to jokingly solve the mystery of Jane Fairfax’s  (Emma’s neighbour) secret admirer. But if Emma was a very skilled matchmaker, she would have realised how her friend was actually the secret admirer. Frank might seem clever to all, as every other character in the book seems to have be clueless about it, but how can Emma-the little matchmaker seem to NOT notice?

5. Honestly, the matchmaking business going on this book is not very entertaining and even though Austen is clearly mocking the delusions of her own creation in the book, it is not very fun to read. There isn’t much drama to the book, nothing too exciting and that gets me worried about how will I manage to write a passage based answer on ‘Emma’ in A level English Literature paper 5?

6. Oh, I forgot! Who gave Emma the right to fix some other person’s marriage? The matchmaking thing really gets to her head and that just in the beginning of the book!

7. This book isn’t lighthearted compared to other of Austen’s work, it is just boring compared to the rest of them.




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