A Poem I wrote for Syria

That tiny heart-
You let it slow down.
Those small lungs-
Are barely functioning.
That frail body
Is shivering to the bones.
That innocent face,
Is losing life.
Those twinkling eyes
Are losing their happiness.
Those smiling lips
Aren’t smiling,
But struggling to breathe
That fresh air,
Pure normality of childhood,
The lost feeling of their home:

These innocent lives are
Heartlessly Diminished.
These Syrian lives are lost.
Heartlessly attacked-
And killed.
Silently watched,
With minds
Numbed by this brutality,
Muted too.

Time can’t be reversed:
Not those chemical attacks,
Nor those innocent deaths.
But, this time teaches us
To stand,
Against this brutality inflicted
On these Syrian souls.


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