My Randomness

Applying Your Intellect

poetryI’ve been to lazy to apply some intellect to my ‘oh-so-hectic’ life.

I don’t have much to talk about daily. Life has become that good old routine, but soon my exams are going to start and I am not really that excited about them, honestly who would be?

I have my upcoming mock exams and I am in no way ready for them. I can’t glue my eyes to my Maths past papers for the life of me and it’s getting harder to put anymore effort in understanding how to find the moles of KOH used in a redox reaction.

It was actually just now, I was trying to complete some past papers but I just gave up, I am just too lazy to solve a hard question or let’s just say the old algebraic mystery. It gets on my nerves sometimes!

But I haven’t found any good in giving up. It just doesn’t get any better by taking some time off from actually putting your brain to work, it just makes the brain to lazy to apply itself at finding a solutions for your daily life problems!

Our brains were meant to think, to understand, they weren’t meant for running away! I guess this is how I am trying to convince myself to get back to work, is it working? I guess it is because I feel like crawling back to my Math workbooks.





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